24 Lessons I Learned In 24 Years

  1. People are willing to help – There are plenty of people who are willing to help on any and everything. Reach out to them in hard times.
  2. Communication – There is no problem that cannot be solved by communicating with the right people.
  3. Speak your mind – If you are someone who has opinions but does not speak too a lot for the sake of avoiding conflicts, please do not bottle up your thoughts. Speak up. There are only a few people whose opinions can conflict with yours. Discussions help you come to a more reasonable conclusion.
  4. What would others think – People will forget you in no time. Then why bother so much? Rather do whatever you think is right. The person you will be spending the most time with is you yourself. Hence it becomes the most important to be at peace with yourself.
  5. No shame being frugal – Before spending on anything materialistic, make sure you have saved up enough for emergencies. Rather, spend on things which improve the quality of life.
  6. Exercise – As mundane a task as it may be to some of us, a little exercise done consistently takes you a long way. After all, a healthy mind in a healthy body.
  7. Understand your finances well – Yes, many of us are taken care of by our parents till a good age. I have come to believing that beginning to build something the fascinates you and gives you money too, never goes in vain. And the earlier one can start this, the better.
  8. Experience living in different places – There is a quote by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam in his autobiography, Wings of Fire. It goes “Once your mind stretches to a new level it never goes back to its original dimension”. Living in different cities which vary in their culture does this precisely. You get to meet different people. This can help you think through psychological behavior much better.
  9. Travel – The earth is an amazing place to live, despite of us having messed up with its functionalities. Reach out to nature and it will give to the best of views to see; the amazing sounds of birds chirping, water flowing, wind blowing; the simple air to breathe in; the best of foods to taste and the best of people and culture to meet.
  10. Love – You are always worthy of love. Give it and you will be getting it back in abundance. Forget the haters.
  11. Jealousy is okay – When thought rationally, jealousy towards a person is caused simply because they have something that we desperately want. Now if this ‘something’ is materialistic – let some time pass away and I bet, you’ll realize that the object isn’t really much of a use to you. However, if this ‘something’ is a human quality you’d like to have, rather than being jealous, try and look at why and how have they managed to get it. After that, no harm emulating their ways, as long as it does not harm anyone.
  12. Give back – There are good people everywhere who help you in unexpected ways. The least one can do to return the favor is to help others whenever possible.
  13. Hold no grudges – If there is any person affected the worst by holding grudges, it is you yourself. As already mentioned, some people forget you in no time. Why hold any grudges? Take the lesson from all those incidences that affect you and forget any hard feelings for the people involved.
  14. Bullying – As kids, most of us face bullying to some extent. Not to worry! Face it, talk to elders and in no time everything becomes just as fine as it can be.
  15. Food – The pleasures in life should be as simple as they can. Preparing, serving and consuming food is one of them. Additionally, it is one of our basic needs. Try experiencing the joy of serving.
  16. Reading – Read as much as you can. It expands the dimensions of your thoughts like no other thing does. It does wonders, to say the least. Be it transporting to another place, visiting an completely different era, experience emotions that one would not otherwise or simply experiencing the author’s experiences are just a few things one can get out of it.
  17. Value friends – Lucky are those who get a friend for life. All the crazy things that happen in the world can play with very badly with your sanity. What can bring you to normal is a good support system of friends. If you have got some, treasure them like anything.
  18. Don’t get caught up in religion – The basic aim of any religion is to provide us with certain basic guidelines which will be helpful in living a righteous life. Keep it till that and one will be good to go!
  19. Take smart decisions – Learn from the experiences all the people around you. Think of what is best for you.
  20. Find out your hobbies – and groom them. In the toughest times, these will be the things that will give you the most comfort.
  21. Gender roles – Yes, gender roles make their way into our minds. We cannot avoid being affected by them. We consider some chores to be done only by women and some that are only meant for men to do. Regardless of this, look at things from a lens unaffected by any stereotypes.
  22. Expectations – Keep your expectations from yourself and from others low. As simple as that. When others help you more than what they are expected to, you would be overwhelmed. However, when you couldn’t meet certain expectations you have from yourself, do not punish yourself for it. There are always better things for you in store. Recognize them and hustle to get hold of them.
  23. Life skills – The importance of life skills goes without saying. These are essential and come in handy when you are all by yourself.
  24. Watch out – Sure there are some great people who help you unexpectedly. However, there are several who might not have too good of an intention for you. Watch out!


And what’s the greatest thing about writers? Whatever kind of articles they write, they dare to pen down truths; even if it’s fictional (fiction, too is woven on the backdrop of certain real incidences). Not just pen down, they are ready to let everyone out there to look into the innermost thoughts of the writer.

“They dare to bare their souls.”

 This is what makes them great. 
And on it goes…


Time proceeds, things happen, people come and go. Nothing is permanent. What’s important in the end is how you see yourself; whether you are still connected with yourself – the connect that you have as a child; whether you can forgive; whether you can forget all the grudges which actually clenched you more than anyone else.